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The Documentary Life - The Documentary Life EPISODE 116, 18th October 2019
Sculpture, Breast Cancer, and Documentary Film with Prune Nourry
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Sculpture, Breast Cancer, and Documentary Film with Prune Nourry

How does one combine the expanse of one’s artistic works and their personal journey with breast cancer into their first documentary film?  This is what was on my mind as I spoke with French sculptor, installation artist, anthropologist, cancer survivor and now documentary filmmaker, Prune Nourry.


Topics Discussed

  • how Prune Nourry brought her approach to sculpting to doc filmmaking
  • how when she was in the middle of filming another project decided to turn the camera on herself when she was diagnosed with breast cancer
  • how having the camera in her hand helped Prune Nourry to be more proactive with her treatments
  • Nourry’s desire to have her film used as a tool for medical practitioners and breast cancer patients around the world
  • how Prune Nourry decided to make this film much more about the human & personal aspects of breast cancer, rather than the medical aspects


Additional Resources

Trailer of Prune Nourry Documentary Film, Serendipity


Video, Anima


Video, Imbalance



To view more of Prune Nourry and her work or to find a nearby screening of Serendipity you can visit her WEBSITE.


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