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The Marketing Society podcast - The Marketing Society podcast 30th March 2021
Pop punk, cottagecore, and sea shanties — with TikTok
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Pop punk, cottagecore, and sea shanties — with TikTok

In the latest episode of The Marketing Society podcast Society Editor, Mike Piggott, speaks to TikTok's Dan Bulteel, Head of Social UKEMEA and Lisa Batty, Head of Brand Strategy EU, about how brands influence subcultures and how subcultures influence brands.

They talked about how TikTok's content feed works, how communities have been thriving on the platform, particularly during the pandemic. They discuss cultural trends and how TikTok as a platform is age agnostic, how LGBTQ+ communities and other similar groups left Tumblr and are finding a home on TikTok.

They talk about the rise of pop punk on the platform, and cottagecore, and fitness, and mums of TikTok. As well as The Carpenters Ocean Spray guy, and the rise of sea shanties and, more specifcally for marketers, how brands play into all of this.

Finally, they touch on the rise of TikTok talent agencies, and how '80s and '90s style magazine The Face are one of the first to launch one.