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Couple Collective - Julian A. Lewis II EPISODE 14, 21st October 2019
014: A couple who goes through a miscarriage together - Court & Pax
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014: A couple who goes through a miscarriage together - Court & Pax

On this episode of Couple Collective, Courtney & Paxton come back to discuss the miscarriage they went through together. I've listened to this episode many times before publishing and it's gut wrenching every time. I am extremely thankful to the two of them for being brave enough to tell their story. When it comes to miscarriages, unfortunately no one talks about it, which made going through it that much harder for Courtney. I created the hashtag #NoOneTalksAboutIt with hopes that more people share tough times they go through.

In the episode, Courtney discussed searching the web for stories; among those resources she found was the IG account @ihadamiscarriage and the book 'Like a Mother' by Angela Garbes

If you are interested in a particular topic we discussed, below I’ve included time stamps that you can click on to jump ahead (only on Spotify).

  • (2:05) - Miscarriage was never in my brain… it was more about, can I get pregnant
  • (4:55) - Courtney tells Pax she is pregnant
  • (6:51) - Court & Px see a heart beat for the first time
  • (10:54) - Court & Pax tell their families with some feeling of guilt because of how quickly they got pregnant
  • (14:38) - Court & Pax go to the doctor and she is unable to see a heartbeat - "you go into this and the absolute last thing on your mind is anything negative"
  • (24:59) - #NoOneTalksAboutIt - "All I wanted was to hear other people’s stories; I spent my nights looking up, 'I had a miscarriage stories' just to not feel alone"
  • (32:04) - The second we get pregnant I want to tell everyone... I don’t want to feel like I am going through it alone again

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Cover art by Laurie Berger (www.laurenjanestudio.com)