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Spiritual Warfare with Jim Osman | Rapp Report Weekly 0007 | Andrew Rappaport | SFE | Striving for Eternity
28th April 2018 • Andrew Rappaport's Rapp Report • Andrew Rappaport
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In this episode of the Rapp Report, Andrew talks with author and pastor Jim Osman on the topic of Spiritual Warfare (and their love for guns). Jim and Andrew discuss the problems with those who claim to have gone to Heaven and back and the abuse of taking spiritual warfare within the wrong context. 3:00 Reading book covers and introductions. 6:40 Stairways to Heaven. Jim talks about his book and the other books about visitations to Heaven. 12:40 Jesse Duplantis Cable Car and Matt Slick being shocked. 15:05 The Dangers of these types of books. Scripture is enough. 20:10 The Dangers of the Prosperity Gospel. Name that Fallacy. 24:05  African Missionary with the Prosperity Gospel. 29:51 Prosperity of the Wicked. Psalm 73 33:10 Truth or Territory. Views of Spiritual Warfare. 37:15 Handcuffs and Ropes are not part of the Armor of God. 39:00 What true biblical spiritual warfare looks like. 42:40 Crazy Andrew and Photobombs. 43:45 #JustinIWin Support Justin Peters. 47:50 Spiritual Transition Game. Trains and the Gospel. 51:35 Rubber Erasers in 12th Century Scotland. 56:45 Wrapping up the Discussion. Buy Jim’s Books. Pastor Jim Osman’s church: Pastor Jim Osman’s book: ================================================================ This podcast is a ministry of Striving for Eternity and all our resources Get the full interviews with your support at Please review us on iTunes Give us your feedback, email us mailto: Like us on Facebook at Join the conversation in our Facebook group at Watch subscribe to us on YouTube at Support us financially at Get the book What Do They Believe at Get the book What Do We Believe at




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