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Episode 106 - Back to the Shack
Episode 10628th August 2023 • Roll For Intent • Roman Neville Productions
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Roll For Intent

Episode 106 - Back to the Shack

After Tacitus reports to Oseph, the party decides to visit an old friend deep in the Immenwood.


This is a Pathfinder 2nd Edition actual play podcast focused on the Abomination Vaults adventure path, published by Paizo Inc.

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Trevor Payne

The Magnanimous Game Master

Jacob Hicks

Malleus- Skeleton Magus

Raymond Montoya

Billiam - Hobgoblin Barbarian


Tacitus - Human Thaumaturge

Christian Chaney

Azmordryn - Fleshwarp Alchemist

"Rules Lawyer" - Beast Foundry

Sarah Payne

The "Intro Lady"


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Abomination Vaults : Ruins of Gauntlight - James Jacobs

Abomination Vaults : Hands of the Devil - Vanessa Hoskins

Abomination Vaults : Eyes of Empty Death - Stephen Radney-MacFarland

Troubles In Otari - Jason Keely, Lyz Lidell, Ron Lundeen

Abomination Vaults GMs Guide - Ron Lundeen


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Mentioned in this episode:

Episode 100 Is Finally Here!!!!

Well here it is - we made it to episode 100. That's 100 episodes, some fun bonus content, Creators Corner,a little patreon - altogether if you were to listen to everything we put out since launch, you would be looking at nearly 7 and a half days of audio. It's been challenging, sometimes exhausting, expensive, confusing, but most of all it's been fun. I've had a great time running games for people I care about and then hearing from listeners about their favorite parts of the show - theories about the story - community art - the greater Paizoverse community of creators - all of it has been something none of us would have even remotely imagined back when we started on this journey in late 2020 when we fist said "Hey, we could do a podcast." While we aren't doing anything as a part of the main show for Episode 100, we did grab a couple of those aforementioned Paizoverse creators to join us for a mini series run by our own Christian Chaney. You'll see that show up as bonus content in the feed - and if you're a new listener, all of that is going to be 100% spoiler free in the ways that it counts, so feel free to give it a listen! Once again, thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for listening - and here's to another 100 episodes! Now, let's get back to the show!