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Freedom Hack Radio - Bryce Robertson EPISODE 22, 2nd October 2020
FHR #022 From Dead Broke & Terminal Disease to Multi Millionaire & Perfect Health with Thomas Tadlock
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FHR #022 From Dead Broke & Terminal Disease to Multi Millionaire & Perfect Health with Thomas Tadlock


  • The importance of freedom the trinity of: financial, time & location freedom
  • From broke to financially free, and how quickly it can be achieved
  • Thomas is a successful investor in building businesses. In two years he went from flat broke to financially free.
  • Thomas retired in age of 36, and become a millionaire at 40, and multi-millionaire by 42


  • Thomas is best-selling author, media personality and worldwide celebrity in his industry
  • Thomas is one of top financial trainers in the country
  • Thomas tell us about implementing visualization as part of us driving towards our success
  • As a personal trainer it was hard work for a low salary, but he had to start somewhere
  • First thing that we must learn is how to get our mindset straight and take responsibility for all our actions
  • Choosing the right way to start your first business correctly it's a critical step
  • He starting his first boot camp from 14 participants, then went to over he 1,500
  • First step to freedom - become a financially free
  • Second - becoming a millionaire+
  • He told about his story of helping the love of his live overcome a terminal disease 
  • He told that vegan diet is amazing for our overall health
  • Lupus a fatal disease was cured by a natural healthy diet, exercise, and correct mindset
  • Getting rid of animal-based and unsaturated fats is an effective way to improve overall health
  • Water is the #1 product for the correct functioning of all our body systems
  • Do really organic products reverse disease?
  • Tomas tells us about one of his his online classes: 6 Steps to Reversing Disease with Supermarket Foods
  • Enhancing workouts, muscle and recovery with all vegan diet
  • Thomas explains why he live’s to teaching and inspire people