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Why Play Is Important In Children For Their Physical And Mental Health
Episode 7018th April 2023 • Play, Learn & Create with Edx Education • edxeducation
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Join Heather Welch chatting about The relationship between physical and mental health for a child’s holistic development through play or 'Why Play is important in children for their Physical and Mental health'.

When all three factors ;'mental health, physical health and well-being'; are balanced, this enables children to grow and develop in line with expected standards. While no child will ever have perfect health and well-being, the more that can be done to support them, the better their chances of remaining well throughout their lifetime.

Highlights of the show;

(01:11) The link between physical and mental health and how it can impact each other 

(02:53) How can we be more inclusive with our games? 

(07:28) Problem solving 

(11:57) Importance of play 





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