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Interview with Confidence Coach & Musician, Emily Rose Giddings - Part 1
Episode 4814th October 2020 • Audio Branding • Jodi Krangle
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In this episode, I had the joy of talking with Emily Rose Giddings. She is a self-taught musician who has toured the country multiple times as the lead vocalist in the indie band Zigtebra. She's also a certified life coach who focuses on helping her clients find confidence and authenticity in marketing online. With the change in schedule due to COVID, she's creating lots of workshops in her Facebook group, Confident Creative Entrepreneurs, to keep her community engaged. I'm excited to share with you her perspective on sound and music!

Tune in to hear our conversation about:

  • The tech adventures caused by everyone being at home
  • What she’s been up to since COVID hit
  • Her background in music and what led her to performing 
  • Her start with music and her experience with underground music
  • Her fascination with Fiona Apple and her influence 
  • Exploring texture of voices 
  • How frequencies of voices resonate with different people
  • The progression of finding your own authentic voice 
  • Melding of voices to create your own voice
  • The progression of music through different decades 
  • The irony and throwback of the announcer voice
  • How she gets people to use their voice well on video
  • Different exercises to help people use their voices better
  • The importance of breath control
  • Confidence and the fear that keeps us from having confidence to show up well
  • What people say before vocal lessons with Emily
  • What to focus on while you’re speaking to keep you from losing your confidence
  • How to actually get better at speaking
  • The importance of the ongoing coaching 

If you are looking for more information about Emily Rose Giddings’ coaching opportunities, you can find those here:


Facebook group: 

If you’re looking for more information about her band, you can find that here:



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