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Tales of Kana #1-4 Recap
Bonus Episode5th October 2022 • Catacomb Party & The Tales of Kana • Atomic Pylon Media
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Well met, friend. New episodes are on the way so we thought it worthwhile to remind you of the story thus far. Maybe you were among the few who listened through back in summer and need a refresher. Or perhaps you've been slooooowwwly consuming and don't mind skipping ahead. Or maybe you just showed up and can't be arsed to check out the first four episodes. All the same to us, y'all.

Allow us to wet your whistle with this tasty morsel and we'll catch you next week for the continuation of Season, in which the gang finds out if Gadot really is a pescatarian.

This recap was written and recorded by Josh, with some killer VO work from Leslie.

Smell ya later!