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69: Measuring, Tracking, and Finance-Minded Marketing - with Margot Kashuba Lee, CMO at Belkins
Episode 6910th July 2024 • Women in B2B Marketing • Podcast Host: Jane Serra, 15+ years in B2B marketing across all industries from SaaS to Marketing Agencies and International Outsourcing.
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In this episode of "Women in B2B Marketing," host Jane Serra interviews Margot Kashuba Lee, CMO at Belkins. Margot shares her unique career path from finance to marketing, driven by her passion for social media and community building. She discusses the importance of her finance background in shaping data-driven marketing strategies and bridging the gap between finance and marketing. Margot also highlights her approach to building high-performing teams, emphasizing soft skills and team chemistry.

Margot and Jane talk through:

  • Margot's transition from finance to marketing and her discovery of marketing strategies.
  • The impact of her finance background on her role as a CMO and her approach to numbers and data-driven marketing.
  • Building the right team and team structure to achieve company goals.
  • Revenue-driving and demand strategies, including an omnichannel approach, account-based marketing, and thought leadership content.
  • Challenges in measuring ABM campaigns and the tools used for tracking and analytics.
  • Tracking the impact of omnichannel approach on cold email response rates and the importance of historical data for comparison.
  • The changing landscape of cold email outreach and the need for personalized, validated databases and deliverability tools.

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