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257: How To Overcome Chronic Overwhelm with Pavi Mueller
Episode 25713th June 2022 • The Period Party • Nicole Jardim
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Overwhelm has become this normal thing we all experience on an ongoing basis yet it’s not natural or healthy. Some go for yoga or psychologists to destress, others for alcohol or shopping, yet within minutes, hours, or days, overwhelm comes knocking on our door again.

Pavi Mueller is the creator of Pulse, a one-on-one and group coaching program to help people overcome overwhelm and move forward in life with efficiency and ease. Pulse is a multi-modality embodiment process teaching women how to get out of their minds and connect to their innate intelligence in a clear, tangible, and practical way. She has a special interest in teaching overwhelmed entrepreneurs how to consciously reach a state of clarity so this becomes a normal way of life.

In this episode, we talk about how emotions and thoughts can perpetuate the cycle of overwhelm, the hormonal impact of being in a chronic state of stress, why it’s not enough to address the physical aspects of stress and overwhelm, the techniques Pavi uses to support people in their journey to overwhelm-free, the problem with our productivity-focused culture, and so much more!

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