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Investing in Biodiversity is a Competitive Opportunity with Gavin Sheppard and Rob Cheesewright, Pinwheel
Episode 749th February 2024 • The Marketing Society podcast • The Marketing Society podcast
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When you view something as a competitive opportunity, you look at it totally differently - how can we go above and beyond? How can we get a real angle on this? How can we bring people with us along this process?

We’ve had a bit of a focus or mini-series on biodiversity and nature over the last few episodes of Can Marketing Save the Planet because it is so so critical that we start to understand, talk about and most importantly take action in reducing, removing and restoring the damage that we (business and society) are doing to the environment.

So, we were delighted when Gavin and Rob over at Pinwheel agreed to come back on the podcast to talk about the solutions and actions that are available today that businesses can make part of their sustainability agendas, and the compelling business case this type of investment can build across, acquisition, retention, collaboration, competitive opportunity, sales and profit. As Gavin says, these projects give, access beyond value chain mitigation projects which repair and restore our climate and ecosystems.”

The damage that has been done is staggering, there has been a 69% reduction in living species since 1970 globally and, in the UK we currently only protect 3% of land 8% of seas, well behind the 30% global target needed by 2030 set out at COP15.

Biodiversity and climate are not mutually exclusive – as with everything it’s all interconnected.

Tune in and listen as we cover:

  • The opportunity for brands to really get involved and for marketers to be able to tell the stories of the projects their organisations support as well as that all important progress.
  • ·The fact business can take action now, we can start to reduce the damage, remove the legacy damage and, restore habitats immediately.
  • Consumer demand, investor demand and changing regulations will force business to do this eventually, so why not be a pacesetter.
  • Why investing in biodiversity is a competitive opportunity.
  • How biodiversity is different to carbon in so many ways, yet they are so inextricably linked and addressing one helps the other and vice versa.
  • ·Why B2B organisations are moving quickly on this.
  • The data and insights that come from investing in biodiversity projects builds a compelling business case across the board.


For more information about Pinwheel - see here.


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