241: NINE LITTLE INDIANS (1987) with WENDY HOSKING-VOELKER “Wendalicious at Goal” and MARTIN MCKEON “Hairdo Enthusiast” [Pod-a-Thon: Day 16]
25th October 2018 • ScreamQueenz: Where Horror Gets GAY! • Patrick K. Walsh
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Patron JELLIBELLIKELLI gets to take over the Pod-A-Thon today with a rare giallo entry, NINE LITTLE INDIANS.directed by SELANTRO PÜB. Returning to the show to help me navigate this ridiculous jumble of bad dubbing, blood-drenched boobs and endless cups of cocoa are returning guest and hairdo aficionado MARTIN MCKEON and the host of WENDALICIOUS AT GOAL, the fantabulous WENDY HOSKING-VOELKER!