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Submission Limbo & Receiving Your First Trad Pub Paycheck (with regency romance author Charlotte Anne)
Episode 615th March 2022 • Making Money Making Art • Kate Cavanaugh
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"I remember I once wrote a book that had vikings in it. And I submitted it to a publisher who was like ‘great book, but we just a week ago signed another author for a viking book.’ So it had nothing to do with me, it was just the timing. Timing is so important.

In today's episode, we're chatting with regency romance author, Charlotte Anne! At the time of recording, Charlotte had submitted her second book to her publisher but hadn't yet heard if it would be accepted (and I'm VERY happy to share that it has!!!). Being out on sub is an incredibly vulnerable time as a writer and I feel so fortunate that Charlotte took us through the process with her.

We also chat about how the Australian traditional publishing market works, including payment periods and what marketing promo the author is responsible for. We gush about romance books and the genre as a whole and also discuss her free novel on Wattpad, with almost 550,000 reads.

And while editing this interview, I really felt like Charlotte gave a pep talk about the importance of timing and luck in this industry. She speaks about the contests she's won, the breakthroughs she almost had but didn't, and the impact of the Bridgerton TV show becoming a pop culture moment and what that meant for her book (and regency romance as a whole).

Chatting with Charlotte was so illuminating and I had all the giddy fun discussing one of my favorite genres with her. I hope you enjoy the interview as much as I did!

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