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Tastytrade Rising Star David Sun Explains Options Trading Concepts
Episode 208th February 2021 • Stock Market Options Trading • Eric O'Rourke
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David Sun has a great understanding of options and was featured on TastyTrade's Rising Star series about his approach to options trading. We had a great in depth discussion and I decided to break it into two segments with this episode being the first. 

In this episode, he's going to talk us through the base concepts of the TastyTrade style of options trading which leads us into a discussion around being delta neutral and what that means for your portfolio. 

You won't want to miss the next episode  where we dive into specific strategies David trades with SPY put selling as well as where we hang out on the options chain.

Here's a link to David's TastyTrade Rising Star segment:

You can also connect with him at where he's posted some written essays around options trading as well as some strategies and backtests. 

Thanks for listening. 

J. Eric O'Rourke