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Episode 2127th October 2019 • Verbal Diorama • Verbal Diorama
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Never judge a book by its cover.

We're told that as children and throughout life, and yet we all still do it. We all revert to those tired stereotypes that blondes are dumb, ice-cold or overtly sexual bombshells who steal husbands.

The truth is, although those tropes have been around in movies since the 1930s, change is coming. And whilst that change didn't start with Legally Blonde, it was definitely a massive catalyst for Hollywood to change its way of thinking, and also us... the viewing public.

Reese Witherspoon gives us a smart, funny, kind and thoughtful Elle Woods who just happens to be super popular and President of her sorority. Whoever you are, you can root for and find common ground with Elle. She's the feminist hero you never knew you needed, but we all need a bit more Elle in our lives.

Getting into Harvard Law..... what, like it's hard?!

It's really not, actually.

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