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Stomping Your Inner Critic to Birth Your Vision with Shannon Wallis
Episode 288th May 2023 • Lead at the Top of Your Game • Karan Ferrell-Rhodes and Shockingly Different Leadership
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Being a leader isn’t easy. You are constantly plagued by “what ifs," which lead to “only ifs” and stop you from reaching your fullest potential. Your inner critic creates your self-doubt and holds you back from being a great leader. You may think you are alone, but if you look close enough, you can find all the help you want.

Shannon Wallis is an author, a speaker, and a leadership consultant. She is the CEO of Cascade Leadership Solutions. She helps leaders make the impossible possible. She joined us on this episode to discuss why we shouldn’t listen to our inner critic, why we’re not alone, and where to find help.


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Shannon Wallis is the CEO and founder of Cascade Leadership Solutions, which provides leadership development, culture assessment, change management, team effectiveness, executive coaching, organizational optimization comprised of strategic planning, and many more.

Shannon was the global director of high-potential leadership development at Microsoft and the chief architect of an award-winning global leadership program prior to founding Cascade Leadership. As a leadership consultant, she inspires leaders to model exemplary leadership that can transform companies, organizations, and communities. She believes ‘anything is possible and shares the ‘can-do’ mindset with all her clients. She makes them believe they can do the impossible.


1.    What are the trends that leaders are having trouble tackling nowadays?

2.    Do you believe anything is possible?

3.    What are the conflicts related to leading leadership?

4.    What are the four cs?

5.    How often do you believe your inner critics?


[02.48] Starting the conversation, Shannon shares a brief introduction about herself, her education, her career journey, and what caused her to start her own firm.

[11.28] Leadership in the virtual work environment.

[15.57] Shannon’s entry into the LATTOYG Playbook: DVFR metaphorical multiplication equation (D – Dissatisfaction, V – Vision of your future, F – First steps, R – Resistance for change)

[23.55] The productive dialogue model, which is called ‘The four Cs’ in Shannon’s book.

[28.41] We have all the support we need to do something, whether we realize it or not it.

[33.52] Shannon talks about how she stays at the top of her game as a leader of a global business.

[39:29] Signature Segment: Karan’s Take


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