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Episode 97: How to Make Organizational Change Stick
Episode 9716th June 2022 • Closing the Gap with Denise Cooper • Denise Cooper
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Why doesn't change stick? Why don't leaders do better at managing change? To answer these questions, we talk about the most popular tool for making change happen in companies - gatherings. A gathering could mean offsites, workshops, town halls, conferences, and webinars. Gatherings are where change happens. When we're matching a message with a moment, we create an effect with other people.

When we understand the tool of gathering, we have a better chance of making change stick. Where we go wrong is by focusing on the grand production of HOW we present the change - what's in the binder, the presentation, etc. However, people don't change because of content, we change based on our reaction to the content being shown.

In this week's episode, Denise Cooper interviews organizational psychologist and communication strategist Lindsey Caplan for her take on what we get wrong when it comes to change management in organizations. Listen in to better understand how you can drive change in your organization.

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