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Dr Carrie Goucher | How to stop wasting precious time in mediocre meetings!
Episode 11815th April 2024 • Conservation Careers Podcast • Conservation Careers
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Meetings are a core part of our working lives, and yet studies have found that 50% of time spent in meetings is often wasted.

When viewed as a whole that's often billions, if not trillions, of dollars wasted annually, which could be put to much better use.

But why do we spend so much of our precious lives clogged up in a confetti of mediocre meetings?!

With calendars full back-to-back often borne as a badge of importance, rather than being seen as a problem to tackle.

Here to talk about meetings and their untapped potential for productivity and transformation is today's guest, Dr Carrie Goucher.

Carrie is founder of Fewer, Faster, Bolder, an organisation which believes that meetings are a huge, wide space for improvement, and understands that they matter so much, because people spend so much time in them.

In today's inspiring chat, we discuss the problems with meeting culture at the moment, and how we got to where we are.

We also discuss what incredible meetings can look like, and how to create ones for yourself. Including practical steps on how to invite people, how to start a meeting, and how to capture what's discussed, agreed and parked up.

As a successful entrepreneur herself, Carrie also kindly shares her advice for budding ecopreneurs: people with a passion and an idea that could deliver profit and purpose in the world.

It's a meeting-transforming and impact-creating podchat. 





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