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From skeptic to practitioner • EAP015 • Michael Max and Margot Rossi
28th March 2015 • Everyday Acupuncture Podcast • Michael Max: Acupuncturist
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The tables get turned on Everyday Acupuncture's host Michael Max, as he finds himself on the other side of microphone with Margot Rossi.

Margot was Michael's first acupuncturist, and over the years their relationship has evolved into one of deep friendship and respected colleagues. 

Margot has a gift for asking pertinent, thoughtful questions that require a person to dig deep into the heart of his or her experience. She's been like that ever since the first day that Michael sat down in her acupuncture clinic, and no doubt long before then as well.

Listen in on this conversation between old friends as they share their love and appreciation for this ancient medicine that is as fresh as the day they began their studies, and seasoned as the decades they've spent as students of this living art.