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[What's My Story] Leon Streete
Episode 3011th November 2021 • What's My Story • Robert Kennedy III
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How does a divorced DJ go from a J.O.B. he didn't love to helping others build a brand they absolutely adore?

What's In Store For You

Our guest today is a former DJ, a web development expert, a serial entrepreneur, an award-winning podcast host and an Amazon best-selling author.

How can Visionary Marketing Coach Leon Streete help you elevate your business to greater heights? Let's find out in today's podcast.

  • [03:52] "More leads, more clients." What does this mean?
  • [04:45] Leon walks us through his journey from a DJ to a web development expert until the pivotal moment in his life where he realized his true passion and calling.
  • [09:23] How did Leon know (at age 17) that he could take advantage of the web to grow a business?
  • [11:40] What made Leon take a big risk in launching his side hustle into a full business even with naysayers around?
  • [15:27] With a new business comes risks; what happened that caused his business to fail?
  • [18:08] What was the biggest lesson that Leon learned and how did that help him begin to help others?
  • [19:54] What is the most ignored thing that a lot of business owners don't pay attention to at the early stages of their business?
  • [21:23] "Do I need to just have one niche/target audience or should I work with multiple areas?"
  • [23:45] What does Leon find is the biggest reason why people are fearful of choosing a specific niche?
  • [26:52] Why is it that marketers don't say "it's okay to have multiple niches when you have reach" but instead just say "no, don't do that"?
  • [30:43] How can Leon help online business owners, life coaches, and consultants?


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