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If there’s no way back, you have to go forward with Steve Smith - Ep. 28
Episode 2824th November 2022 • Secrets of the High Demand Coach • Scott Ritzheimer
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In this highly insightful episode Stave Smith, Owner of GrowthSource Coaching, shares the paradoxical method he used to help thousands of business scale!

Steve Smith is the owner of GrowthSource Coaching, an Orange County, CA based business and executive coaching company that specializes in helping business professionals become extraordinary leaders, savvy business owners and confident marketing strategists.

Steve’s sole mission is to help business professionals develop their clarity, confidence and operating performance so they can play at their highest potential.

As a business and executive coach, Steve’s clients consider him their ‘Catalyst for Change’. He works with senior level professionals to upgrade their thinking, demeanor, skills, confidence and desire for action so they can have greater impact.

Steve also co-hosts the only father/son duo podcast, ‘The Business Wingmen Show’ with his son Travis Smith. 

You can learn more about Steve and his work at or check out the Business Wingmen podcast at