The Power of Machine Learning with Alex Muller
Episode 4826th August 2021 • Innovation and the Digital Enterprise • DragonSpears
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Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are powerful tools that companies can leverage to create better customer experiences. However, they traditionally require millions of dollars' worth of investment. Alex Muller believes that every product team, regardless of size, should benefit from the same machine learning capabilities used at the most successful companies in the world.

Alex, the founder of SAVVI AI, is our guest this week on Innovation and the Digital Enterprise. Listen to the episode to learn more about democratizing machine learning.

  • (01:47) - SAVVI AI
  • (03:41) - Machine learning barriers
  • (09:02) - AI and ML for everyone
  • (11:04) - Target clients
  • (14:02) - Little AI decision maker
  • (17:40) - Who knows the customer best?
  • (19:21) - Family of entrepreneurs
  • (22:49) - Fintech impact
  • (26:44) - Military mentors
  • (31:29) - Chicago talent

Alex Muller is a founder of SAVVI AI, an AI company focused on helping every product team leverage AI/ML to meet their software goals without the need of data scientists, pre-existing data or expensive tools and consultants. 

Prior to founding SAVVI AI, Muller served as Senior Vice President, AI Enabled Products & EIR Synchrony Ventures at Synchrony Financial. In this role, he led innovation and product development in several domains, including mobile and artificial intelligence. 

Previously he was the CEO and co-founder of GPShopper, which had been acquired by Synchrony Financial in 2017. Forbes named Muller one of ten CEOs whose companies are disrupting the retail industry through technology. He is revered as an industry expert on the topics of mobile payments and security. 

Inc. named Alex a person “at the top of his game” and a leader in his industry, and CIO Magazine cited him as a go-to expert in the retail and ecommerce space. Alex has served as an Adjunct Professor at NYU, lecturing on mobile application strategy and execution. Alex graduated from Tufts University with a BS in Engineering before earning his MS Engineering and his MBA (Tepper School), from Carnegie Mellon University.

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