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Changing the Narrative with Comparison Pages
Episode 4820th December 2022 • Demand Gen U •
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No matter what industry you’re in, one thing is certain. You have direct competitors. And with so many options on the market, it can be difficult for buyers to see if you’re the option for them. 

Especially when they have to battle through buzzwords and empty promises! 

In this episode of Demand Gen U, Jason Widup, VP of Marketing and Mark Huber, Head of Brand & Product Marketing at Metadata, discuss the humble comparison page. 

They discuss how you should use them, how much time to spend on them and explore top secrets on the Metadata vs. 6Sense comparison page. Check out the comparison page here

Find out: 

  • Insight into Metadata’s comparison page 
  • How to frame the conversation without bashing competitors 
  • Common things that go wrong with comparison pages 

0:00 – 2:31 – Introduction (and Mark’s Invisalign) 

2:31 – 7:05 – Why do we need comparison pages?  

7:05 – 7:47 – Why they are high-intent pages 

7:47 – 16:27 – How comparison pages can go wrong 

16:27 – 21:25 – Where Metadata looked for comparison page inspiration 

21:25 – 30:46 – How Metadata executed the 6Sense page 

30:46 – 35:27 – How the page has been received 

35:27 – 36:41 – More comparison pages on the horizon? 

36:41 – 38:09 – Outro