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Life Through a Dram - Danny Brown EPISODE 38, 21st February 2020
Do Kids See What We Wish We Could See?

Do Kids See What We Wish We Could See?

Do all kids simply have imaginary conversations, or are there spirits of kids that died early that roam the earth looking for friends to keep them company?

Do all kids find a storytelling gift early, and it’s only when they go to school and are taught that it’s “bad” to use your imagination that they lose the will to converse with someone that isn’t there?

These questions came to me again recently following a conversation with my daughter, and a memory of something that happened when she was 4 years old.

Topics on the menu include

  • Having your 4 year old daughter freak you out
  • Movies that scare you
  • There's a lot of kids have weird experiences
  • I believe in UFO's
  • Christmas movies and the message they share

Settle back for a chat about invisible friends, imaginations being allowed to grow, and why we need to rediscover the child in us.

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