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Ep73 - Designing A Story That Wins
13th August 2020 • The RK3 Show • Robert Kennedy III
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"Master Your inner critic, resolve the root cause, create prosperity." -- Christopher Salem

My guest today is dedicated to serving value rather than selling and is focused on results that matter. He's a business leader, advisor, keynote speaker, prosperity coach, wellness advocate expert. He found success over a 26-year career as a senior sales executive selling media, aircraft, investing in businesses, and implementing residual income platforms.

But there have also been major setbacks for him such as dealing with 12 years of addiction and battling his own demons. Now, he helps leaders achieve peak performance through massive action. Let's discuss how we can lower down the volume of our inner critic with my guest, Christopher Salem.

  • [03:37] Chris tells us the process of authoring his first book and how it was like for him.
  • [05:07] Who is the "inner critic" and why do they get so much access to our brain?
  • [06:03] How can one's inner critic propagate itself through generations?
  • [07:02] Chris shares what are some of the concrete steps to get rid of or at least turn down the volume on that inner critic.
  • [08:42] We learn from Chris what a "prosper newer" is and what it looks like.
  • [11:56] What are some of the big reasons why it's hard for people to receive? Chris sheds some light into this topic.
  • [13:20] To become "prosper newer," is there a process we can do by ourselves?
  • [14:15] Chris explains why a habit may take only three weeks to form but requires six months to a year to become embedded in our subconscious.
  • [15:09] Chris shares the 2 habits that can help get you out of a problem and into the solution.
  • [16:01] How can truly forgiving yourself bring you from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset?
  • [17:02] If someone is unable to afford or access a coach, Chris provides tips on steps a person can take to begin designing a life worth living.

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