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Episode 38: Wayne Pederson Talks About Turning Profound Loss Into Opportunity to Discover God In a Deeper Way
22nd June 2021 • Your Biggest Breakthrough • Wendie Pett and Todd Isberner
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What happens when we experience a very hurtful loss and then how we breakthrough to find opportunities that God can provide through that loss.

Whether it's been the loss of a loved one, a job, a pet or even a future dream cut short. Everyone deals with some kind of loss at some time in their lives.

Today, we speak to Wayne Pederson, who teaches us that how we handle our losses determine the difference between prolonged pain and resentment or discovering new opportunities and freedom.

Wayne started his career in 1967. He was an announcer on KTIS in Minneapolis. He's the producer of a number of shows on the one of the first satellite shows in the country. He served on the board of the National Religious Broadcaster. He's on a number of boards and committees

In this episode, you'll hear...

-Simple beginnings...04:45

  • Grew up on a farm in southern Minnesota
  • At age 19, Wayne lost his mom to cancer
  • This major loss taught him about the unexpected left turns that happen in life

-How to prepare for the unexpected...06:50

  • Lutheran church community, Godly peers and spiritual elders got him through
  • We don't always do our children a service when we protect them from trials and loss and challenges
  • Children and young adults today, during the pandemic
  • No graduations, no proms, no championship football games, working from home with a computer screen, the isolation
  • The students with support group have survived and even thrived, but the students that did not have a support group have suffered monumentally

-Wayne talks about the loss of his wife, Norma...10:45

  • Strong marriage
  • Last 2 years of her life, they grew even closer as they walked through cancer together
  • "Remember wherever God leads you, I'm with you"
  • Key components to strong, healthy marriage:
  • Friends before romance
  • Same church community
  • Mutual respect
  • Strong desire to serve the Lord anytime, everywhere
  • May 2013 - swollen tummy after Indonesia and Malaysia
  • Stage 3 Ovarian cancer
  • 3 days later, surgery + 3.5 months radiation and chemo
  • Was doing very well after this and then one day realized she was gaining weight but not eating
  • Cancer came back more aggressively than anything the doctor had ever seen
  • Next day = surgery
  • 6-12 months to live
  • Norma died in 17 days :( April 3, 2014
  • 700 people came to St. Paul for the funeral
  • When she died, it was such a beautiful, christian moment
  • The presence of her spirit lingered in that room for minutes and then all of the sudden Norma wasn't there anymore
  • Gods presence has never been so real for me as it was in the loneliness I was in after Norma's passing
  • "When the worst thing that can happen to you, happens, God is very near"

-Wayne's faith journey...19:25

  • Hard working farm boy and 'good ol church boy' when he was at church
  • He was a rascal during high school
  • Went to bible camp and witnessed a girl coming to Christ
  • God spoke to his inner spirit: "Wayne, I want to use you to share the good news of Jesus Christ with religious people that don't know me personally"
  • Turned from seeking self and pleasure to paying attention to what God had for me
  • C.S. Lewis: Do we really believe what we say we believe...?

-Questioning God after loss...23:35

  • Of course you're going to ask "Why," but realizing that Norma was in heaven with Jesus instead of here in pain was a gift

-How Willie entered into Wayne's life...26:00

  • Willie, Norma and Wayne met in Africa in 2010, they were friends in the same church group
  • Never imagined they'd be married one day, but God miraculously brought them together
  • Willing was a donor to HCAB radio
  • Sept 14: Norma and Wayne's wedding anniversary
  • Sept 14: Text message from Willie and invited Willie for a hike, shares her cancer story and immediate deep emotional and spiritual connection
  • "She drove home thanking God for introducing her to her husband"

-How to deal with the loss of a job...29:20

  • KTIS for 34 years and thought he'd retire there
  • Executive committee on NRB to President of NRB
  • Reporter asked Wayne about why NRB was so involved in politics.
  • Wayne responded: "I think we need to be more focused on getting the gospel out than focusing on the politics."
  • Reporter quoted him and people were unhappy
  • Ended up losing his job from that quote
  • Deeply disappointing because he left the job he had for 34 years to do this, that he loved and it was over in only 5 months
  • Very public
  • Had hundreds of NRB people supporting him
  • Moody radio was listening to the story of Jacob
  • "What you intended for harm, God intended for good"
  • This was a turning point - he knew God was using this in his life

-Wayne's advise to people suffering from a loss...35:25

  • Hebrew: Discipline is painful when it happens
  • Jesus said, have no doubt in this world, you will face tribulation
  • Have the patience and the trust to work through the hard times, endure them, keep your focus on the Lord, not your circumstances and get through it
  • Applicable tips:
  • Get tight with God
  • Go to support groups
  • Press forward
  • Romans 8:28

-What it really means to finish well...39:55

  • The 4th quarter of our lives can be the most productive and satisfying season of our life
  • Book: Robert Wolgemuth, Gun Lap -How are you going to do in the 4th lap of your life
  • 4 seasons of Life:
  • Worker
  • Manager
  • Leader
  • Influence

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