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857: The Honor of England // Spiritual Lessons from WW1 17 (Eric Ludy)
20th July 2022 • Daily Thunder Podcast • Eric Ludy + Nathan Johnson
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This is the seventeenth installment in Eric Ludy’s epic summer Daily Thunder series entitled Spiritual Lessons from WW1. This episode zooms in on one of the most extraordinary moments in the war—when Joseph Joffre confronted Sir John French on September 5, 1914 and begged him to join the offensive against Germany at the First Battle of the Marne. The participation of the BEF (French’s forces) in this epic battle is the key factor in the ultimate outcome of WW1. However, at the time, it didn’t even seen possible that the British would side with the French in this occasion. If French had succumbed to his panic rather than risen to fulfill his role, the outcome of the Great War would have been wholly different.