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Mind and Spirit Preparation: Enhancing Heart Surgery Recovery
Episode 572nd July 2024 • Open Heart Surgery with Boots • Boots Knighton
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Host, Boots Knighton, discusses mental and spiritual preparation for heart surgery, highlighting its crucial role in recovery. Knighton stresses the importance of educating oneself about the procedure, setting realistic expectations, and practicing stress management techniques such as deep breathing and meditation. She also emphasizes positive thinking, seeking professional support, and connecting with one's spirituality. Emotional and social preparedness, including clear communication with loved ones and building a support system, are also vital. Finally, Knighton advises planning for comfort by bringing personal items to the hospital. This episode is a comprehensive guide for those facing any surgery, enhancing both mental and spiritual readiness.

**Boots Knighton is not a doctor and this is not medical advice. Be sure to check in with your care team about all the next right steps for you and your heart.**

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