When Are You Planning to Start Living?
Episode 8013th April 2022 • To Succeed... Just Let Go • Willie Horton
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I've decided we need to explore the real stories of some of my clients and Program Owners because, for all the wonderful science in the world that confirms how we can manage and set our mind to achieve our goals and objectives, the real action is in the real adventures of real people.

Today, we start with a salutary tale - one where my friend was literally bombarded by the grand opportunities that would effortlessly enable live the kind of life he really wanted to live.

And we explore the two things - yes, there are just two! - that you need to do to live your life your way.

I've also got a new free online training program for you - just click the link to start your own adventure. Then, you'll be able to answer the above question with a big "Now".

And, as we know, now is all that matters.