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#13 Is There a Data Mesh Option for Startups and SMEs? - Interview w/ Peter Hanssens
Episode 137th January 2022 • Data Mesh Radio • Data as a Product Podcast Network
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In this episode, Scott interviews Peter Hanssens, Founder and Solutions Architect at cloud/serverless consulting company Cloud Shuttle. Peter also runs a few large data engineering focused communities (meetups, Slack, conferences) in Australia. Peter had reached out about how can startups and SMEs (small to medium enterprises) get the benefits of data mesh without the costs of building a solution fit for a 10,000+ employee company. Peter does a great job seeking information on behalf of his constituents :)

We covered a number of topics including:

  • The needs for cultural change as technology will only get you so far
  • The beauty of pay-per-use solutions for startups/SMEs - and where there are still gaps in the market
  • The challenges of not having a large pool of data engineers to build and manage a platform - or to help domains model their data
  • The benefits of centralization until it starts to cause bottlenecks
  • The importance of tracking lineage for upstream producers/domains - to see who is using your data and why/how
  • And much, much more

I think you will really enjoy Peter's perspectives and there are some useful conclusions if not a perfect blueprint for startups.

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DataEngBytes Conference:

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