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Pistol Whip soon to be #1 VR game on PSVR! Ep. 10
Episode 1017th July 2020 • Full Dive Gaming: a Virtual Reality Podcast in VR • Full Dive Gaming
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Welcome to the Full Dive Gaming podcast, bringing a weekly dive of all the news, discussion, and condensed nerd talk you need for VR gaming every Friday.  

This week’s podcast was made in partnership with Asterion Products.  Get 5% off the Aura headset or any other order $19.99 or more with the code FULLDIVE at  

Adam’s spot is filled this week by our fellow VR Youtubing friend, Hey It’s Greg. We kick things off with some quick Q&A before hopping into the news, 21:14 Oculus Quest 2 may be entering production, 28:28 Chinese ODM Goertek Aims to Produce Over 3 Million More VR/AR Headsets Annually, 31:17 Microsoft Flight Simulator’ VR support still a post-launch “top wish list item,” 35:31 Steam VR adds a recenter button, and 40:32 Oculus improves the iteration load times for developers on UE4.

We then hop into the gaming section with Rip’s high praise for 43:02 Pistol Whip, Jay describing his time with 52:9 Path of the Warrior and 57:01 Elite Dangerous, 101:59 Greg discusses a VR escape room game, and 109:49 Destiny tries out The Forest. 1:19:43 We then wrap things up discussing VR applications outside gaming.

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