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Taking Action To Getting Multifamily Syndication Deals Done With Jeffrey Donis
6th February 2023 • Ice Cream with Investors • Matt Fore
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Jeffrey Donis is only 21 years old and he has already syndicated 1,000 multi-family units. To be fair, he didn’t do it alone. He had help from his brothers who are also joining him in his journey into real estate. With that, he’s a very family-oriented person with his number one goal being to retire his mom from working. Tune in today to find out just exactly how he will do that with his syndication deals. Join Matt Fore as he talks to the Head of Investor Relations at the Donis Investment GroupJeffrey Donis. Jeffrey will share more about his journey into multifamily real estate. Learn how he is helping passive investors invest alongside him. Find out his work ethic of just not stopping cold-calling until he gets a deal. Discover what it takes to find success at such a young age. Listen in so you can follow what Jeffrey just did.