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11. Bonus Solo Episode: Reflecting + Integrating Mind, Body and Spiritual Balance
Episode 11Bonus Episode3rd November 2022 • Soulful Streaming • Allison Bobb and Tina Janczura DaSilva
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In this solo mini episode, Ali and Tina reflect upon everything they learned form season one: astrology, meditation, shamanism, mindset reframes, creativity, nutrition and so much more.

They discuss passion projects, the heart that goes into creating and birthing an idea and what happens when friendships turn into sisterhood.

Season one bloopers are woven throughout the conversation, this episode gives you a little glimpse into the Ali + Tina's personal lives along with a taste of what's to come in season two.

Themes We're Hitting on Today's Episode:

  • Reflecting back on season 1 and how we've + our listeners have evolved
  • How life has changed after starting a podcast together
  • Super special Chicago concert announcement
  • A taste of what's to come in season 2

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