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Making of Flies In The Jar (Interviews with the Cast)
Episode 18Bonus Episode25th November 2021 • Flies In The Jar • Deep Drag
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Listen to interviews with the actors and producers of Flies in the Jar in this special behind the scenes look at the acclaimed audio drama. Hosted by Lady Zen with special guest co-hosts Ethel & Harry!

Flies in the Jar is a serialized audio drama. You can listen to the series for free free on Spotify, Stitchers, Apple Podcasts, YouTube or on our website at:

Watch a video version of the Making of Flies in The Jar here:

Audio Drama Description: A box of tapes. A jaded singer. Two friends embarked on a journey that will forever change their lives. Deep Drag Productions presents Flies in the Jar, an all-new radio drama in eighteen episodes, a whimsical detective story about stolen songs and broken hearts.

Starring Lady Zen, John Jeffers, Kent Evans, Clara Dunham, Martin James Grapengeter, David Dykes, Jocelynn Sunrise, Angel Schmeck, David Galitzky, Jonathan Lockwood, Joshua Holloway, and Béa Aaronson.

With appearances by Maëlle Jayet, Kevin Holleran, Jessie Yancey-Siegel, Jason Wellner, Ashley Frazier, Maria Lugova, Pedro Gonçalves, Maeva Exposito, Sebastian Steins, David Ramsey, Natasha Kortlang, Maya Trujillo, Eric Parker and Nathan Feuerberg.

Original music by Lady Zen, Joshua Holloway, and Dan Capaldi. With performances by special guest jazz musician Jaime Valle, and Clara Dunham

Written and created by Nathan Feuerberg.

A full list of all the SFX, music, and loops with credits can be found at