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1-54 Forum - 1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair EPISODE 9, 6th May 2018
1-54 Forum New York 2018 | Holding Space(s)
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1-54 Forum New York 2018 | Holding Space(s)

1-54 Forum New York

4- 6 May 2018

Holding Space(s)

In conversation with Neelika Jayawardane (Art writer and Academic), artists Nontsikelelo Mutiti and Joiri Minaya discuss the significance of cultivating spaces that reconstitute “home”, and the necessity of re-fashioning the (shattered) self through rituals that recreate intimacy. By performing the double task of purging and healing, their work helps us to reconfigure our own emotional landscapes.

Image: ©Katrina Sorrentino