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Search Engine Optimisation, Sunglasses and Soap Stars with Jonny Ross
Episode 1527th November 2020 • Visualise You • Beth Hewitt
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In episode #15, I interview my good friend Jonny Ross. Jonny is the founder and digital marketing specialist at Fleek Marketing with over 21 years' experience in digital online technologies and specialising in SEO, data, user experience and digital marketing. Jonny shares his journey starting out as an optometrist, starting an online sunglasses retail business before pivoting and working with businesses to better understand search engine optimisation (SEO).

Jonny talks openly about his desire to be liked. A trait all human beings have in common and how this played out in his recent venture to start a business community to support local businesses at the start of the Pandemic. 

A community that continues to evolve and is now known as The Yorkshire Business Club

Some of the key takeaways from the episode include:

  • Losing his place in the search engines lead to a journey to better understanding SEO and actually to career pivot to help businesses better understand SEO for themselves.
  • It's OK to feel like a rabbit in the headlights when you first start out in business. You can't be expected to know everything from the start.
  • Learn to understand your limitations and find people who have the skills and experience that you wish to emulate, then start to follow and learn from them
  • People who are in authority or ahead of your on your journey are not better than you. We are all just people.
  • If you are struggling to decide whether to stay in a role and you are weighing up the pros and cons, the pros might not be as beneficial as you think when the pursuing your dreams are at stake.
  • If there is something, you have always wanted to pursue, you should just do it.
  • The importance of understanding your vision and values is essential when starting and running a business.

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