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S2E19: The Brain Behind – The Futility of the Active Versus Passive Debate
Episode 1931st July 2023 • Providend's Money Wisdom • Providend Ltd
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As we appear to take a 'passive' approach to investing by not doing the typical tactical asset allocation (TAA) or market timing approach, many seem to think that nothing much is done once a client invests with us. So, why should clients pay us an ongoing advisory fee if we take a 'passive' instead of an 'active' approach to investing? 

In this episode, our CEO, Christopher Tan, explains why Providend uses the Ibbotson-Chen Earnings Model, when crafting our client's wealth plan, to properly estimate the future expected returns of the stock markets and how our investment approach has shined during the market downturn in 2022.

Meanwhile, stay tune for our next episode on the 3 main aspects of Estate Planning – Distribution, Creation & Preservation!

The host, Christopher Tan, is Chief Executive Officer of Providend, Singapore’s first fee-only wealth advisory firm and author of the book “Money Wisdom: Simple Truths for Financial Wellness”.

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