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Bonus: You’ve Launched Your Podcast! What Happens Now?
Episode 8Bonus Episode1st January 2024 • How to Start A Podcast [Step-by step 2024 update] • Captivate Audio Ltd
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First - congratulations on your podcast launch!

In this special bonus episode, I want to talk about what happens after you launch your podcast, and some of the changes in mindset that you need to make in order to keep podcasting and still have fun with it. After all, podcasting is a labour of love but it should never stop being fun to do. 

The focus of this episode is to help you find your first 100 genuine listeners  – those listeners who go on to become super fans and who will share your podcast far and wide. That means learning some basic marketing - to understand how your listeners behave and to create marketing that will attract and engage them.

For that I’m going to call in the help of trusty co-host Mark Asquith, who’s going to share his wisdom on what marketing and mindset approaches we’ve used here at Rebel Base Media and Captivate to run our podcasts successfully.

Did you know that most podcasters don't make it past 10 episodes?

Make it to 11 with these helpful resources...

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