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158: Leadersights When Vision is Blurry at Best with David Veech
20th April 2020 • Everyday Mindfulness Show • Holly Duckworth
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LOVING, LEARNING AND LETTING GO Holly interviews David Veech, Veteran, speaker and teacher. With over twenty years teaching leaders, his presentations always give listeners practical skills and soaring possibilities that will: ·     Convict their hearts that they need to change ·     Convince their minds that they can succeed in the change, and ·     Commit their efforts to make the change work for all. David shares that this has been an interesting time to watch unfold. It’s pulling all kinds of emotions out of the people he’s talked to during. He expressed his concerned for where this is going in trusting each other in relationship building. David’s core work is around the three tenets that drive all we do: Loving, Learning, and Letting go. He calls these three tenets “Leadersights” and truly believe that if leaders are able to make these three key decisions (to love, to learn, and to let go) everything that follows will work better. Love may be more than just an emotion felt for partners and family members. The decision to love is to place the needs of your people above your own. Understand their needs and do what you can to support that. This form of servant leadership can be very different for many leaders. Learn “If I’m going to place your needs above mine, I need to figure out what you need. I need to go and learn.” This includes building relationships with people in order to find out what they need. This takes time to create these relationships. During this period, there is TIME to build these relationships. Listening is crucial to uncovering needs. It’s important for the needs at every level in the organization to be taken care of, including the leaders. Letting go can be difficult. There are so many barriers to trusting others and letting go of needing to be in control. Leaders need to let go in order to free up more time to actually lead their people. This takes time and putting systems in place that allow leaders to know what’s going on without having to be hands on all the time. David uses a card that he created with a “to do” list with nine things to do today. 1.    Share your vision 2.    Be the model 3.    Build relationships 4.    Carefully develop people as leaders 5.    Build diverse teams 6.    Be a continuous learner 7.    Pay attention to metrics that matter 8.    Stay positive 9.    Do it again tomorrow - only better Things you can do to boost remote team identity during this time: Huddle every day to drive the day’s work. Break tasks down into daily bites. Expectations, targets and challenges and review at the end of the day if that was what was accomplished. Let the team choose a team name. It gives a strong sense of identity. One resource for creative names is The best way to reach David is by email him at, or you can find out more about his work on Leader Sights at Follow David on Twitter: @davidveech Remember, Mindful Matters and So Do You! See more resources at