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How to Build a Massive Audience on Instagram
Episode 494th May 2021 • Business School • Sharran Srivatsaa
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Instagram is one of the three most popular social media platforms today. What started as a photo and video sharing app has become a powerful marketing tool for social media marketers. With every iteration and tweak to the algorithm and the introduction of new features, businesses had to adapt by implementing new strategies to maintain steady growth. But what defines Instagram growth? For many, it’s the number of followers you have. But to get new followers, you need to have a combination of active engagement, brand exposure, and compelling content. Otherwise, why else would anyone follow you? In today’s episode, powerhouse entrepreneur and brand strategist Dean Aguilar is back. Together, Sharran and Dean will share the Instagram growth strategies they applied in their brands. If your growth is stagnant or you want to put a little more drive into your tactics, this episode is for you. 

“What’s gonna win them over is relationship; that’s the only reason people work together” 

- Dean Aguilar



00:00 Growing your social media followers

06:43 Treat your social media like a huge asset

09:34 The real reason why people are scared to show up 

14:10 Sharran and Dean’s strategy to get more subscribers

18:47 Does using hashtag help your growth

21:11 Doing this will kill your account

29:30 How influencer marketing works

40:02 Your brand and the power of lead generation

41:29 The 5 Unspoken Truths according to Sharran

45:35 How to organically reach more audience



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