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Men as Allies
Episode 246th July 2021 • Womanthology • Womanthology
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Welcome to the twenty-fourth episode of the Womanthology podcast.

Womanthology is a digital magazine and professional community powered by female energy and ingenuity. We champion equal recognition and reward for everyone, sharing opportunities, ideas and a deep pool of collective wisdom – supporting each other to be unstoppable.

The theme of the show is Men as Allies.

I will be speaking with, Kevin Poulter, employment law partner at Freeths, who shares how the pandemic has impacted on the world of employment, as well as on women and other underrepresented groups in particular. What does it mean to be an ally? How can we all be allies and make workplaces more inclusive?

[You can read Kevin's last written article for Womanthology here.]

We will also be hearing from Ines Santos, Womanthology’s associate editor, who is going to be talking us through the written stories in the new issue.

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Join us for the next episode, where we revisit some of your favourite Womanthology contributors to find out what happened next...





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