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Wine and Dime - Amy Irvine EPISODE 98, 24th January 2020
Retirement and 401k Education Experts Tina Kilroy and Sarah Holden
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Retirement and 401k Education Experts Tina Kilroy and Sarah Holden

In this episode of Wine and Dime, I have the pleasure of talking to Tina Kilroy and Sarah Holden. Tina and Sarah work for the Investment Company Institute(ICI), and specialize in retirement planning and 401k education. We chat about all things related to the education of your different retirement options. The two are very passionate about what they do, and you can really tell in this episode. Check out the ICIEF website for countless resources to help you make educated discussions when it comes to retirement an investments. We even get around to talking about some of our favorite wines. Check the notes below for that recommendation. So sit on back, pop open a bottle of your favorite vino and enjoy this conversation!



Sarah Holden is Senior Director of Retirement& Investor Research at the Investment Company Institute (ICI), the leading association representing regulated funds globally, including US mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Sarah has a PhD in economics and has studied retirement trends and policy, as well as the behavior of investors, for decades. She uses humor and plain English to make retirement and investment concepts clear.

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Christina“Tina”Kilroy is vice president of the ICI Education Foundation (ICIEF), leading the efforts of the Investment Company Institute to develop and deepen investor education resources and to partner with ICI members and other organizations to enhance financial literacy. Tina has a great understanding of the best financial education resources available, and can offer listeners insights based on their needs.


About the Investment Company Institute Education Foundation

Formed in 1989, the ICI Education Foundation (ICIEF) is the educational affiliate of the Investment Company Institute, the leading global association of regulated funds. ICIEF partners with government agencies and other nonprofit organizations to develop, deliver, and promote investment education programs to a variety of specific audiences. The foundation also participates in financial education advocacy coalitions, conferences, and initiatives that promote saving and investing nationwide.

Since 2010, ICIEF has partnered with Junior Achievement of Greater Washington (JA) through its Finance Park program for middle-school students. ICIEF’s contribution includes an educational exhibit and interactive game at Finance Park locations in Fairfax County, VA, and in Montgomery County and Prince George’s County, MD. Learn more about ICIEF’s partnership with JA.

For more information about ICIEF, please contact Tina Kilroy, vice president, or Mike McNamee, president, and follow ICIEF on TwitterFacebook, and LinkedIn.


Veritas Vineyards and Winery

began in 1999 when Andrew and Patricia Hodson planted 5 acres of grapes as a passion project. Over the past two decades, Veritas has grown to include over 50 acres of vineyards and has succeeded in consistently producing a range of complex and elegant wines.

Viognier. Veritas. Virginia.

Viognier is our specialty white wine and the declared white wine of Virginia. We love Viognier made in a style that emphasizes the unique aromatic complexity of the grape. Pale gold in color, delicate orange blossom precedes aromas of ripe peach, apricots and orange zest. Deliciously opulent, the uplifting rush of apricot and peach are embedded in a rich mouthfeel that gradually fades into a tantalizingly long finish.

PAIRINGS: Peaches, Lobster, Shrimp and Grits, Thai Food


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