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Episode 043–Across The Board’s Jacqueline Auguste with Bruce Hilliard
3rd August 2018 • Better Each Day Podcast Radio Show with Bruce Hilliard • Bruce Hilliard
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Canadian indie rock band Across The Board offers the soul-soothing sing-along catchiness that is fast becoming the their signature sound. Since 2016, ATB has played to sold-out crowds at some of Toronto's more notable musical venues. The band transcends live performance and becomes a media monster. With harmonious power vocals and catchy electric guitar riffs, Across The Board brings a high energy show to live audiences and uniquely clever videos to their growing Youtube channel of over 400 videos including several weekly series "Kitchen Sessions", a musical cooking show, "Caravan Karaoke", "ATB At Rehearsal", "Acoustic Jams" and "ATB Live" on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. Guest Jacqueline Auguste comes from both a symphonic and stage band background and is a multi-instrumentalist. She plays a variety of woodwinds including oboe, flute and saxophone. She is proficient on various percussion instruments including drums, piano, guitar, ukulele, mandolin and even strings, cello. Jacqueline (aka Jackie) is the lead singer and principle songwriter for Across The Board, as well as taking lead in the creative aspects of ATB's video production. Classically trained in jazz, big band standards and classics,  Jackie brings a well-rounded musical background to this innovative and eclectic group of Canadian musicians.