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How to Unlock Wealth with Real Estate with Blake Choisnet
Episode 8710th February 2024 • Creating Powerful Impact • Shay Wheat
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Have you ever envisioned a life where your income flows in, even as you sleep?

Blake Schwannet, a master of real estate investment, joins me, Shay Wheat, on an enlightening episode of Creating Powerful Impact to reveal how he transformed his traditional career trajectory into a robust real estate empire. Our conversation peels back the layers of the immense possibilities that lie in property investments, not just for wealth creation but for crafting a life that prioritizes your passions and family.

Listen as Blake unfolds the strategies that can turn real estate into a reservoir of passive income, requiring less of your time than you might expect. Whether you're a budding investor or a seasoned player, Blake shares tailored tips that fit every financial scenario.

And it's not all about the technicalities; it's about the dreams fulfilled. Imagine setting sail across the ocean or helping others overcome learning challenges—all made possible through the financial freedom real estate provides.

Key Moments

1:24 Residual Income's Role in Business Growth

10:21 Opening a Ballet Studio for Littles

17:35 Childhood Memories of Financial Hardship

Blake Choisnet is a highly successful real estate investor, business owner, coach, and speaker. He did what was told of him, got great degrees that ‘would pay well’, worked hard, and then proceeded to be lulled into boredom and exasperation by the 9-5 life. Realizing he needed to find a way out of his full-time job so he could actually live his life, he did something he thought he’d never be able to do: he started investing in real estate. What started with $10k of hard-earned savings (‘stupid money’ for tuition to the school of hard knocks) turned into a multimillion dollar real estate portfolio in 18 months. 12 months later he had enough monthly cashflow to cover all expenses and retired at the age of 32 despite his boss offering to double his salary to stay. He continued to hone his skills of finding below-market deals, raising private money, market economics, deal analysis, and real estate tax strategies, and within 5 years of buying his first property he became the first self-made millionaire in his family line.

Blake now splits his time between rapidly growing his real estate portfolio and teaching new investors how to get started investing in real estate. He believes he can teach anyone how to invest in real estate and helps his clients lower their risk and move faster - having helped hundreds of new investors acquire over $50M of cashflowing real estate. His unique ability to learn difficult concepts quickly, communicate complex ideas simply, and diagnose roadblocks to progress makes Blake a uniquely skilled investor and coach.

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