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Becoming the CEO of Your Own Health
Episode 1217th June 2024 • The Real Estate Wealth Podcast with Edward Aloe • Ed Aloe
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In this episode of the Real Estate Wealth Podcast, host Ed Aloe is joined by Dr. Helen Messier, Chief Medical and Science Officer at Fountain Life, a company pioneering advanced diagnostics and personalized medicine. Dr. Messier’s work is dedicated to moving healthcare from a reactive, symptom-based model to one that is proactive and prevention-focused. Ed and Dr. Messier explore the importance of diagnosing conditions like cardiovascular disease and diabetes early on, and the influence of lifestyle factors on chronic diseases. 

Listen this week as Ed and Dr. Messier take a look at the crucial role of personalizing health strategies based on individual genetic and biological profiles in managing diseases before they fully manifest.


"It's a sick care system. It's a system that waits until you have some kind of significant symptom, at least. And usually, by the time you have a symptom, the diseases are very far advanced, and then it waits till you have a symptom, and then it really goes in there and helps control the symptoms." -Dr. Helen Messier [04:33]

“Lack of sleep can cause dysfunction. One of the ways to keep really healthy mitochondria, of course, the diet, what we feed it, lots of antioxidants, and a very plant-rich diet. But, also movement. Exercise. It is a great way to train and improve your mitochondrial efficiency.” -Dr. Helen Messier [29:32]


  • The current medical system is reactionary, often waiting for symptoms to become severe before intervening, which is not conducive to managing chronic diseases effectively.
  • Fountain Life's proactive approach aims to diagnose and treat diseases at their earliest stages, thereby preventing progression and enabling the reversal of conditions like cardiovascular disease.
  • Insulin resistance and metabolic disorders are fundamental to many chronic diseases, driven by modern diets rich in sugars and processed foods.
  • Personalized medicine, using tools like AI and advanced diagnostics, tailors treatment plans to individual needs, maximizing health outcomes.
  • Lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise, and sleep profoundly impact mitochondrial health and overall metabolic function.


(03:09) Transforming Healthcare from Reactive to Proactive at Fountain Life

(09:04) Understanding and Preventing Cardiovascular Disease Through Root Cause Analysis

(10:51) The Financial Incentives Behind Preventative Healthcare and Chronic Disease

(16:08) The Impact of Sugar and Inflammation on Cardiovascular Health

(22:27) Insulin Resistance and Its Role in Chronic Diseases

(27:05) Mitochondria's Role in Metabolism and Chronic Diseases


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