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All Mothers are Essential Workers (Part 2)
27th October 2021 • The Double Shift • Double Shift Productions
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While other news outlets have “moved on'' from talking about how mad and burnt out moms are, we’re just getting started. In part two of this intimate, in-the-moment audio diary series, host Katherine Goldstein shares her story of caring for newborn twins and a four-year-old as the coronavirus shut the world down around her. She’s joined by co-host Angela Garbes to discuss the idea that mothers are the unacknowledged essential workers of the pandemic, what’s changed in the year+ since the audio diaries were recorded, and what hasn’t. Katherine and Angela also reflect how they both see collectively harnessing anger over what has happened in the last 19 months as crucial for finding a path forward.

Newsweek: Pandemic Could Cost Typical American Woman Nearly $600,000 in Lifetime Income

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