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Attack of the squealie tealies
Episode 3710th June 2022 • Six O'Clock Swill • Nick Cater
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Alex Antic is a calm voice of reason in the madhouse known as the Australian Senate. He is leading the conservative fightback with a rallying call to his party not to turn teal.

He joins Nick Cater and Tim Blair, the blogger to the nation and columnist on the Daily Telegraph to discuss Australia's power and cost of living crises.

In other news, Washington Post staff abandon the spoken world and take to yelling to at one another on Twitter, Boris Johnson answer claims that he's a proven liar and Silvio Belusconi explains why he yelled cuckoo at Angela Merkel.

Today’s podcast is bought to you this week by the letter J - the consonant we’re tipping to replace the W in the word Woke when the whole edifice of virtue signalling starts to collapse - we hope.