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Joe Leung Interviews Dani & John About Parking, Walking On Stilts & Juggling Basketballs
21st December 2023 • All Things Parking with Dani and John • John D. Conway, Dani Crain
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Today’s a special show because our guest, Joe Leung, interviews our hosts Dani Crain and John D. Conway. 

Today’s guest interviewer is Joe Leung, Vice President of Parking and Mobility Services for OVG360, which is part of Oak View Group. Leung has two decades of experience with some of the most well-known parking companies, and experience which spans ballparks, arenas, theaters, and live events facilities. In this role with OVG360, he uses industry best practices to evaluate each venue’s unique parking process to help identify opportunities for operational efficiencies and revenue generation.

In this episode, Dani, John, and Joe get into:

* Growing up in small towns.

* John discusses pursuing a career in parking partly because of financial stability for his family.

* John and Dani discuss their passion for parking and their close relationship with their family and colleagues.

* Dani reflects upon getting into the parking industry "accidentally."

* Attracting new people to the parking industry, including bringing in people without experience. 

* The evolution of the parking industry, including the role of technology. 

* Living by the quote "Get it f*****g done" and emphasizing the importance of doing the work with no excuses.

* Dani’s hidden talent: she can walk on stilts. 

* John’s hidden talent: he can juggle basketballs.

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