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Dale Galipo – Roadmap to Winning Civil Rights Cases
Episode 321st June 2024 • Trial Lawyers University • Dan Ambrose, Trial Lawyers University
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When Dale Galipo started doing civil rights cases, only 10% were won by plaintiffs. But Dale wins 91% of his trials.  And those aren’t even his best cases because he’s settling his best cases. So how does he do it?

In this episode of Trial Lawyers University, Dan Ambrose is joined by renowned Los Angeles civil rights attorney, Dale Galipo, the founder and principal of The Law Offices of Dale K. Galipo. In 2002, Dale started to devote nearly all of his attention to civil rights cases involving police misconduct. With fifteen published opinions in civil rights cases, Dale has prevailed in 59 jury trials and obtained more than 100 seven-figure verdicts and settlements in the last twelve years. Last year, his last three cases were eight-figure verdicts. 

Tune in as Dan and Dale discuss how to effectively depose a police officer, how to get the most out of your experts at trial, why you need to be a skilled cross-examiner to win civil rights cases, and more. 

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Episode Snapshot

  • Getting to know Dale Galipo, including his path to starting his own law firm
  • Dale’s first multimillion-dollar verdict
  • How Dale found his passion for civil rights cases
  • A preview of what Dale is teaching at TLU Huntington Beach
  • How to effectively take police officer depositions
  • Discussion of Dale’s recent trial which resulted in a $23.8M jury verdict
  • How to get the best from your expert at trial
  • Testimony from the decedent’s family members makes the loss real in police cases
  • Tactics for cross
  • How Dale framed damages for the jury

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